HTTP/1.1 200 Down with sodomites!

What does this HTTP mean? Very simple: in the HTTP protocol (Hypertext transfer protocol) code 200 means a successfully found page. It usually looks like the string HTTP/1.1 200 OK before the headers of the server response to the browser request. Or HTTP/2.0 200 OK, if the communication is carried out according to the new version of the protocol.

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One day Doctor Faggot burned with passion. Doctor Y collected its fragments, poured them into a glass sarcophagus and placed it on Red Square next to the mausoleum. Now queers are lining up in the main square of the country to look at the ashes of their idol.

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Cock to faggots
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I could make a bunch of arguments against queers here. I am sure that you will have some. I propose to state them in stupiddickery or on the forum. You can write without registering. We will be very glad to see you!